This past weekend, I met with my mom, her cousin and daughter for lunch at Kitte Marunouchi, which is right next to Tokyo station. It’s a post office turned department store, with lots of shopping and dining that you can only do in Japan. We lunched at a shabu shabu / tonkatsu restaurant called Hirata Bokujo – the ginger pork I had was delicious! It was so nice to catch up with my mom’s cousins, who were visiting Tokyo for the day from Osaka, and of course, my mom. I’ve been sick in bed with some kind of flu, and with work on the other days, so I haven’t seen her as much as I was planning to. What can I say? I love my mom 🙂

先週末は、母と従姉妹達と、東京駅のKITTE でランチしました。母が1年ぶりに日本に来日していて、従姉妹達も日帰りで大阪から来ていたので、ちょうどいいタイミングで会うことができました。KITTEの金華蓋料理・平田牧場 極 で美味しいランチを頂きました。豚の生姜焼き、おすすめですよ!家族と過ごす日は楽しいし、本当に癒されます。

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can i just say i so love your hair…and that food looks so yummy!!
kisses from dubai ♥


You are an exotic blogger, that it's amazing 🙂 I like it.





sounds like a lovely time – i love both your and your mom's smile 🙂

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