Polaroids never go out of style. Although we live in an age where we can upload photos in seconds on our smartphones, the vintage feel of a simple polaroid is still sought after, even for SNS use. Fujifilm released the “Instax Share,” which is the handiest of devices for Instax lovers. You take a photo on your phone and print it out in polaroid form within 10 seconds using the free app. Pretty cool, right? Several Japanese influencers had their “Instax Share” photos displayed at the event and shared their thoughts on the new product. Now all I need to do is get my hands on an Instax 🙂 I had a great time catching up with my friend RinRin at the event!
チェキは昔も今も大人気。今の時代は、数秒でスマホの画像をアップロードできますが、それでもビンテージな感じのチェキは求められているんです。富士フィルムが今回発売した「Instax Share」は、チェキ好きにはたまらないアイテム!スマホで写真を撮り、無料アプリを通して、10秒以内でチェキとして印刷できるという優れものです。GENKINGさん、ハリー杉山さんなど、様々なインフルエンサーや芸能人の方が、Instax Shareで撮ったものを展示しており、使い心地についてトークもしていました。私もチェキが欲しくなった!友達のリンリンと久々にイベントを楽しむことができて良かったよ♡


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Those cameras are so cute, especially the Hello Kitty ones! It sounds like it was a really fun event and Instax sounds really awesome! I'll definitely have to get one as well!


I like its design very, very much ♡ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

♡ {Holika Holika} Naked Face Illuminating Powder ♡

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