So sorry for not posting for a while! It was a really hectic week this past week – I was working 6 days and trying to squeeze in events and meetings in between. I don’t really do this much, but I thought I would tell you about my week through my Instagram photos:
Fridays are for selfies (well, not really but I think so). So excited it is cold enough for my furry jackets and coats!
Assisting at Le Ciel Bleu’s AW Lookbook shoot for November. The model was super sweet and rocked all of the clothes!
My first time having Chinese-style hotpot. Got together with some of my musical friends and basically talked and ate for 3 hours.
I found a hands-down, the most delicious ramen joint right by my place. The shio-tonkotsu is my favorite – it was so good I even finished every last bit of soup which I don’t usually do when I eat noodles.

Spent quality time with one of my good friends at a stylish café on Cat Street in Shibuya. Girl talk and such over coffee and café lattes. Perfect!
Do you use Instagram? If you do, follow me @samanthamariko and I’ll do the same!
Good night and have a great week ahead!

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You are really pretty 🙂 and the food looks yum yum! Hope you can drop by my blog as well : The Sassy Theory click here. And maybe follow me too? Just let me know if you already did and I will surely follow you back! xo


yuuuum look at all that food! and i LOVE your leopard coat, you rock it so well 🙂

xo marlen
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Hummmm!! what a nice food!!

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