(with Akane)
From day 2 of my trip to Aizu, Fukushima. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was a guest speaker for “Aizu Engine 007 – Fukushima Never Give Up!” which was an event to give hope and encourage the people of Aizu to overcome the hardships after the nuclear explosion. Many well-known actors, writers, athletes, and artists were invited to share their stories to the people of Aizu. I participated in a talk show with 3 other models – Nozomi Igarashi (former Miss Universe finalist), Akemi Fukumura (runway coach), and Akane Nakajima (model and TV host). With Ms. Nozomi as the host for our event, we discussed many topics related to modeling such as how and why we became models, any interesting episodes we have had to encounter as models, and beauty and health tips we follow. Even though I was on stage talking to the audience, I learned a lot from the other models as the discussion progressed.
After the talk show, each of us went to a different restaurant in the area to eat delicious food and get to know the people of Aizu. I was lucky enough to have dinner at a restaurant called Kiriya, a lovely soba place with a great atmosphere. I took the position of MC and introduced some of the other participants, including former Olympic gymnast Naoki Iketani. I wish I had pictures of the food I ate, but let me tell you, I had some of the best Japanese cuisine there.
After this dinner event, the participants of Aizu Engine gathered at a fancy bar for an after party. I had sparkling sake for the first time – so good!
I had a great time in Fukushima getting to know Aizu and meeting many amazing people during the short time I was there. I hope anything that I contributed during the event changed someone’s life even in the smallest way.  Thanks for reading! 🙂

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