Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend Girls Award, a huge fashion show in Japan. This time, it was at Yoyogi Gynmasium in Harajuku.
I’ve watched Japanese fashion shows on TV, but it is a whole new experience to actually watch it in person. The audience members go crazy when popular models walk down the runway. The models sometimes throw goodie bags to audience members, which is pretty fantastic. It keeps the crowd going. Apart from the runway show, there are live performances and booths where you can buy cosmetics, skin care products, and even get your nails done.
Hanging out backstage was an amazing experience in itself. I was able to see quite a few models who appear in Japanese fashion magazines, like Elli-Rose, Melody Yoko, Mary Jun Takahashi, and Natsuki Kato. They are all really gorgeous in person, too!
I didn’t get to take too many pictures, but hope you enjoy them!
Until next time <3

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I love your outfit so much! Sounds like you had a great experience!


The show looked like it was a lot of fun! You must have had a really good time 😀 I love your skirt too!


You are back in Japan ! That's so cool !!

And OMG you went to the Girls Award !! Luck you !!!

Cool Cool Cool and you look gorgeous !

xoxo from Ellen

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