Retro kimono style in SALZ Tokyo

The kimono is probably my most favorite traditional garment of clothing, not only because I am Japanese, but because there are endless ways to style one, depending on the season, the design of the kimono, and what accessories you wear it with. It’s easier to get your hands on a yukata, the lighter garment worn … Continue Reading

‘Cause it’s a thriller night

  These Michael Jackson “Thriller”-inspired photos would have made a perfect Halloween blog post, don’t you think? Photographer DRK Tokyo┬áis master at taking nighttime photos in his lair called Daikanyama. We snapped so many awesome photos in a matter of 15 minutes, all in one secluded area that he describes as “old Daikanyama,” a part … Continue Reading

Vintage sweaters & Dr. Martens

The color red is slowly but surely creeping into my wardrobe. With the winter sales going on in almost every store imaginable, I decided to stop by a few of my favorites, and found this cozy-looking sweater at Opening Ceremony. A remake of a vintage sweater, I didn’t realize what the print said until after … Continue Reading