NEW IN | my fall shoe collection

Some of the shoes I had ordered online finally arrived this weekend. I was in serious need of some loafers and ankle booties, and well, here they are. The more higher-quality shoes I add to my collection, I realize time and time again how important it is to have good-looking shoes. From left to right: … Continue Reading

Red, blue and white

    The weather has gotten so much nicer again after the rain. I got this camel-colored blazer at H&M for only $40, and it’s perfect for spring weather because it’s not too thin. I also love the red detail on the inside. One of my other favorite purchases this spring are my Christian Sirianos … Continue Reading


  Finally starting to settle back down in OC again, so now I have some time to get back into the swing of things, including blogging 🙂 My last few days in LA went by too quickly, with moving and whatnot. I do miss living there and everything else about it, but I think the … Continue Reading