Dolce & Gabbana Tokyo Millennials Fashion Show

October is Fashion Week month in Tokyo, and what better way to kick off the fashion-filled month with a one-of-a-kind fashion show by Dolce & Gabbana? I was thrilled when I received the pretty pink invitation to the show, with a red circle in the middle representing a cute version of the Japanese flag. Yes, … Continue Reading

Shades of burgundy

I absolutely love wearing dark colors, so fall & winter trends and color palettes are naturally my favorite. And these Asos sock boots and Metrocity quilt bag arrived just in time. Pairing these red hues with a mix of darks and lights made them stand out even more. I love how the bag can become … Continue Reading

A casual little black dress part 2 (featuring Bershka)

Did everyone have a great weekend? I’ve been a little slow at responding to comments and preparing this post, so apologies for that. I actually performed at Night Nation Run in Japan, the first running music festival in the world. I was a featured artist for EDM unit EDO, which includes DJ Marc Panther, club-D … Continue Reading

Summer whites (featuring SLY)

Sometimes we all need a little simplicity in our lives. I crave it all the time as I try to make my way in this fast-paced lifestyle in Tokyo. Maybe it’s why my style is somewhat toned-down most of the time, although I am inspired by the crazy and the colorful. And sometimes, it’s the … Continue Reading

Shinjuku lights

An evening stroll near Shinjuku station. These festive holiday lights remind me of the times my family and I used to walk around then neighborhood to see all the pretty Christmas decorations. 新宿駅近辺のイルミネーション。こういうクリスマスライトを見てると、子供の頃家族と近所のクリスマスライト&デコレーションを見に回ってた時を思い出す

Colors of Shinjuku with Yuky Lutz

Every time I meet and work with a new photographer, I am always amazed at their skill at capturing the model and atmosphere of the location with their unique vision. And Spanish photographer Yuky Lutz is no exception. Not until I saw the first photograph did I realize how beautiful a crazy city like Shinjuku … Continue Reading

Romanticism in the city pt. II featuring Free People

“Romantic” is the best word to describe how I feel when I wear this New Romantics Beloved Floral dress from Free People. I rarely wear floral prints, but something subtle and deep in color like this is fine by me. The ribbon and the neckline are my favorite details – probably one of the most … Continue Reading

Metrocity x APEACE

Yesterday, Metrocity had a collaboration event with K-pop group APEACE at Shinjuku Odakyu Hyakkaten. Many of their fans were waiting in line before the department store even opened – crazy! I was lucky enough to hang out backstage with them while they were prepping for the photo event. All the boys were so courteous, funny … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | A Tokyo summer with zero UV

The awesome thing about the sunglasses brand zero UV is that they are from Surf City, California, just like me. Zero UV was kind enough to meet me out here during this immense heat wave in Tokyo.  We chatted over French toast and coffee at Aaliya cafe in Shinjuku, and shot some footage for their … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Clean summer whites & prints -pt. 2-

  You won’t believe how gloomy the weather is over here in Tokyo right now by glancing at these photos! I can’t wait for the summer sunshine to arrive in time for my birthday. For this outfit, I used the same concept of summer whites and prints from a previous post (see post here), but … Continue Reading