Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo – MIKIO SAKABE S/S 2017 Collection

My last post for Fashion Week! On the final day, I attended PLASTICTOKYO & MIKIO SAKABE 2017 S/S Collections respectively. Again, it was difficult to take quality photos for PLASTICTOKYO, so please click the link to check out the collection. MIKIO SAKABE being the final runway for this season’s Fashion Week, it was definitely worth … Continue Reading

Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo – DRESSEDUNDRESSED & Leonard Wong

Last week was Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo, one of the busiest weeks of the year for those working in the fashion industry. These are actually from the third day of shows, and I went for an overall dark color palette for that day’s outfit. DRESSEDUNDRESSED and Leonard Wong 2017 S/S collections were both fantastic, DRESSEDUNDRESSED … Continue Reading

Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion fashion show

Photos from the Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion fashion show, with hair and makeup all done by the academy students. All the costumes were borrowed from designers, but the hair arrangements were all done by the students. 20 students and models in all, each look unique and inspiring. Thanks for letting me be a … Continue Reading

MBFWT Johan Ku Gold Label 2016 SS

  Johan Ku Gold Label 2016 SS for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Airy silhouettes, intricate textures, fluid movements – all embodying modern feminism.  

MBFW Tokyo – John Lawrence Sullivan 2015 AW

John Lawrence Sullivan 2015 Fall/Winter at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. John Lawrence Sullivan is a men’s and women’s brand designed by Arashi Yanagawa, a former professional boxer. Established in 2003, this brand is known for producing edgy styles while maintaining traditional elements, with a main focus on masculine taste. I was in awe at the … Continue Reading

BFGU Fashion Week 2015 Tokyo

I’m posting this a few weeks late, mainly because I couldn’t find any good photos of the fashion show at Bunka Fashion College. But thank goodness for Tokyo fashion blogger Misha Janette of Tokyo Fashion Diaries, who did two separate blog posts of the show. I was actually very fortunate to model the outfits of … Continue Reading

Asia Collection VN Fashionista

  Finally some pictures from Asia Collection in Ho Chi Minh! A few behind-the-scenes photos plus photos from the actual show that were taken with several diffrerent iPhones (sorry for the bad picture quality!) It was a huge honor to be a part of this fashion show – it was my first big show in … Continue Reading

Walkway Collection 2012

I was invited to attend the Walkway Collection 2012 produced by Ms. Akemi Kukumura, the runway coach that I worked with in Fukushima. The show featured many unique brands and designers, including kitson, sport wear by Lamborghini Azabu, wedding dresses by Asano Chiyuki, and kimono-inspired evening wear by Eiko Kobayashi. I would have to say … Continue Reading