Breathe, Chill & Relax – How to Feel Less Overwhelmed

I think many of us stumble upon those moments when we feel too overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in life that it’s nearly impossible to think straight. I’ve been there too. And when that happens, it’s important to know the best way to undo all the anxiety and stress. In this post, I want … Continue Reading

Listening to music in style with Sudio Sweden

  Listening to music on the go has changed for me completely thanks to Sudio Sweden’s wireless earphones and headphones. When they first sent me the VASA BLA wireless Bluetooth earphones, I was amazed at the quality of the sound, and how much outdoor noise it blocked while I was listening to my music (with all … Continue Reading

Black, white and stars

        I feel very fortunate these days to be busy with new and prospective jobs, my current jobs, and other events here and there. Sometimes my blog goes on the wayside a little bit because of that, but it’s always on the back of my mind. I’m hoping to produce more outfit … Continue Reading

Uniqlo and Lemaire – layering up in black & white

Sometimes I like to keep things simple in terms of color, but layer up in different lengths and textures. Uniqlo always does collaborations with different designers, and this season I picked up this cropped knit and wide-legged pant from the Uniqlo and Lemaire collection. To balance the cropped knit and make it wearable during the … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Leather & Corduroy

I’m finally back from Okinawa, after 4 full days at the Satsang Yoga & Music Festival. I did bring my laptop with me so I could respond to comments and organize photos, but there just wasn’t as much time as I had hoped. I’ll be posting more about my trip very soon! Meanwhile, here is … Continue Reading

Letters Impromptu x Alma Chains

This week, featuring the Derek chain from Alma Chains. Who ever said glasses chains were only for reading glasses? The amazing Alma Chains has got every kind of chain to dress up your sunglasses, glasses, any kind of eyewear you can imagine. Alma is an Australian company founded by two ladies, Anji and Darcie. I love … Continue Reading

Letters Impromptu x Front Row Shop

It’s still rainy season in Japan, even though it’s already July. But I remember last year around this time, it was extremely hot and humid, where by 10 AM I was already drenched in sweat. So I guess you can say I prefer this weather so much more. To match the gloomy weather, I wanted … Continue Reading

Tokyo streets – Ginza

      A couple weeks ago, I met up with Saq and his friend for a quick photo shoot in the busy streets of Ginza on a Friday afternoon. He was traveling to Tokyo for work, but wanted to do some photo shoots for fun as well. We didn’t have too much time to … Continue Reading