Metrocity 2015 AW showroom

Last week, I was invited to the Metrocity 2015 AW showroom to check out their latest collection of bags and accessories. Metrocity first launched in Firenze, Italy, and has since then made its way to Korea, and now Japan. All of their products are of very high quality, textures and designs. Metrocity told me they … Continue Reading

Sugamo, a different side of Tokyo

In my previous post, I mentioned that Sugamo is a little part of Tokyo that is unlike the heavily populated areas like Shibuya or Shinjuku. The “Shoutengai” districts with rows of mom and pop shops seem to be slowly disappearing, as larger supermarkets and department stores take their places. One of my favorite things about … Continue Reading


When one thinks of Tokyo, 90% of the time they imagine crowded, neon light-flashing streets of bustling Shibuya, Shinjuku or colorful Harajuku. But honestly, there is more to Tokyo than those tourist-favorite locations. Lisa of Paint with Stars and I share a liking for the more quiet and traditional areas in Tokyo, and Sugamo turned … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Business casual with Metrocity

    I’ve been a little bit MIA this weekend, due to a cold and a fever that has been and is still persistent. I’m getting better though, so no worries. Make sure you don’t catch a cold in the middle of spring (it sucks!). These were taken last week when I had an audition … Continue Reading

Metrocity Pop-up in Shinjuku

Last weekend, I stopped by the Metrocity pop-up shop in the Shinjuku Odakyu department store. This brand first launched in Italy in 1992, and has since then launched in other countries, and now is making its way to Japan. This was my first time getting a glimpse into the brand, I was very impressed. All … Continue Reading