Shades of burgundy

I absolutely love wearing dark colors, so fall & winter trends and color palettes are naturally my favorite. And these Asos sock boots and Metrocity quilt bag arrived just in time. Pairing these red hues with a mix of darks and lights made them stand out even more. I love how the bag can become … Continue Reading

A casual little black dress part 2 (featuring Bershka)

Did everyone have a great weekend? I’ve been a little slow at responding to comments and preparing this post, so apologies for that. I actually performed at Night Nation Run in Japan, the first running music festival in the world. I was a featured artist for EDM unit EDO, which includes DJ Marc Panther, club-D … Continue Reading

Meeting Barbara Palvin at the Metrocity showroom

It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know Barbara Palvin at the Metrocity showroom in Seoul.  After her interview for GLITTER magazine, we had some time to chit chat. Simply put, she is a beautiful girl inside and out. She looked perfect on the runway,  and perfect for the new Metrocity campaign. Thanks for … Continue Reading

Attending Seoul Fashion Week 2016 for Metrocity

Before and after the Metrocity Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Seoul Fashion Week. I’m wearing a jumpsuit and sandals from their Spring/Summer collection, and the quilted clutch bag is also from Metrocity. Thanks for an amazing time! ソウルファッションウィーク、メトロシティの2016秋冬コレクションの様子。私は、春夏コレクションのオールインワンとサンダルを着用。バッグもメトロシティです♡ 素敵な時間、ありがとうございました!  

Metrocity 2016 AW for Seoul Fashion Week

If you’ve been catching up with me on Instagram, you probably saw my updates in Seoul for Fashion Week. I attended Metrocity‘s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection, “Hippy Happy Shake,” which embodies relaxed, freestyle silhouettes, fluffy textures, fringe and tassel details, handmade patchwork all with a decorative twist. This year, Metrocity is featuring supermodel Barbara Palvin, and … Continue Reading

Metrocity 2016 SS Exhibition

The same day I visited the Bershka Exhibition (previous post), I also stopped by Metrocity‘s Spring/Summer 2016 exhibition. Their large selection of luxury bags are always perfect, and they even started a bridal line. including shoes and jewelry. And I’m in love with the tasseled ankle boots (but it’s too bad they don’t have my … Continue Reading


During my two days in Seoul, I was mostly the one behind the camera, taking photos at Fashion Week and during there rest of my stay. My blogger friend Yagiza was a good sport about taking these for me while we were waiting for the Metrocity show. This bright yellow wall was perfect for my … Continue Reading

Metrocity for Seoul Fashion Week 2016

Fashion week is so exciting, and I’m so thankful to have been a part of such a extravagant show.  I can’t thank Metrocity enough for this amazing opportunity and for my first trip to Korea. Some shots from before and after the show by myself and courtesy of Metrocity. I’ll be posting more detailed photos … Continue Reading

Seoul Fashion Week – Metrocity 2016 SS “City of Angel”

And I’m back from Seoul! Being in the middle of a bustling city during the most exciting moment in fashion was an amazing experience. All thanks to Metrocity! Their spring/summer 2016 collection “City of Angel” was held at Dong Dae Mun Design Plaza, and it was one of the most spectacular runways I’ve seen. Women’s and … Continue Reading

Metrocity x APEACE

Yesterday, Metrocity had a collaboration event with K-pop group APEACE at Shinjuku Odakyu Hyakkaten. Many of their fans were waiting in line before the department store even opened – crazy! I was lucky enough to hang out backstage with them while they were prepping for the photo event. All the boys were so courteous, funny … Continue Reading