Seoul travel diary

Before I post about my time in LA, I wanted to post my Seoul travel diary from Fashion Week. So here you go! I seriously had a feast there for 2 days in a row. ロスでの写真をアップする前に、ソウルの旅行日記を今回紹介します。2日間、とても豪華なお食事を頂けて幸せでした♡

Busan, Korea

I just came back home after a 5-day hiatus from blogging. The first three were due to a shoot which contents I cannot disclose just yet. But all I can say is, my trip to Busan was very much needed after those long 3 days! I spent the night at the Park Hyatt in Busan … Continue Reading

Seoul photo diary

My view of Seoul from behind the camera. Bustling night life, cute coffee shops, kimchi and more kimchi, healthy and delicious food – thank you for being so lovely, Seoul. 私がカメラの後ろから写したソウル。賑やかな夜の街、お洒落なコーヒーショップ、どんな時でもキムチ、美味しくてヘルシーな食事。ソウル、素敵な時間をありがとう。