ELEGANT Magazine August Issue No. 27 “White Minimalism”

It’s a rarity and an honor to be published in a fashion magazine, so I’m really excited to share this editorial with you. ELEGANT Magazine August Issue No. 7 – “White Minimalism” with photography by Apple Sabrina Chua, hair by Maiko Kurishima, makeup by Mami Abe, and modeling by me. We decided to work the … Continue Reading

A week of outfits for Cosmopolitan Japan

Check out my latest feature on Cosmopolitan Japan – “A week of outfits by Samantha Mariko.” I think this article helped me realize I’m a style chameleon, that I love incorporating a variety of trends into my style and dress depending on my mood. The text is in Japanese but if you don’t understand Japanese, … Continue Reading

Okami Kult Spring/Summer 2016

I love supporting my friends. Apart from my family, they are the ones who support me with my pursuits, so it only makes sense to do what I can for them. This is my second time modeling for Okami Kult, a Tokyo-based street wear brand by my friend Viktor, who is also a fantastic photographer … Continue Reading

City Kid Feels The Beat – “End of Summer” music video

City Kid Feels The Beat’s “End of Summer” music video is finally out! CKFTB is a rock band based in Germany, with their pop-punk vibe and vocalist Sven’s characteristic vocal style reaching audiences internationally. Their cover of Lady Gaga’s “Applause” received over 10,000 views in less than a week! We filmed this a year ago in … Continue Reading

Albage Lingerie, the first collection

Presenting Albage lingerie’s first collection. Albage is a high-quality Japanese lingerie brand, featuring intricate lace and 100% silk for an elegant look. The sizings of the bras and panties are especially made for Japanese women with less curves. I am small-chested but slightly curvy around the waist, and the entire collection fit me well as … Continue Reading

Tokyo Typo Store

Growing up, I attended Japanese school on Saturdays, pounding my head with countless Japanese “kanji” characters, practicing them over and over again until my hand felt close to paralyzed. But because I studied them for so many years, I can understand the meaning and origins of each. I recently modeled & styled T-shirts for a … Continue Reading

Denim Day 2016

Today is Denim Day in LA and the US. According to DenimDayInfo.org, it all started with a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court where the rape conviction was overturned, ruling that the rap victim was wearing tight jeans and must have helped her rapist remove the jeans, thereby consenting to the rape. The next day, … Continue Reading

三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE “Feel So Alive” music video

I’m so excited to announce one of my most recent works as a model. Jpop’s hottest group, J Soul Brothers 3rd Generation from EXILE TRIBE’s newest single and music video, “Feel So Alive” is now up on Youtube, and I was fortunate enough to be casted as one of the models in the video. Keeping … Continue Reading

Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion fashion show

Photos from the Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion fashion show, with hair and makeup all done by the academy students. All the costumes were borrowed from designers, but the hair arrangements were all done by the students. 20 students and models in all, each look unique and inspiring. Thanks for letting me be a … Continue Reading

Street snap feature on Droptokyo

  Droptokyo is one of my favorite street snap sites, and I’m constantly checking their newest fashion snaps. And this time, I was lucky enough to have one of my looks featured on their website Droptokyo.com! You can check out all the details from my outfit through the link, plus more photos. Thank you so … Continue Reading