Summer vibes in Japan

It’s nearly impossible to be surrounded by this much greenery whilst in Tokyo – the 3-hour trip near the coast of Chiba was well worth it. This hibiscus-print setup from Zaful looks way better against the green, anyway.  東京に住んでると、ここまでの新緑に囲まれることはないので、3時間かけて千葉県の海岸沿いまで行ったかいがありました。Zafulのハイビスカス柄のセットアップは緑を背景に撮った方が色が全然綺麗に見えるしね。 Set-up: Zaful; sunglasses: zeroUV; earrings: Beach Closet; choker: Zara; shoes: See by Chloe (Farfetch) All photos by Lasse … Continue Reading