Yesterday, I had my makeup done for my graduation by Ami Kuroda, a multi-media makeup artist from Los Angeles. She did my makeover using Artistry cosmetics, a quality skin-care and cosmetics line exclusively from Amway.
Ami used toner, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, etc… but it felt like I had nothing on. The makeup was so light, but it made a huge difference visually. The selection of eye shadow and lipstick colors were great, and their application was really easy. I was also surprised at how affordable Artistry cosmetics are (if I remember correctly, a lip gloss was about $10 and concealer about $15). Ami told me that Artistry cosmetics can be compared to department store brands, so you can pay less for quality makeup.
On me:
Foundation – Bone
Eyebrow – Brown
Eyeliner – Ebony
Eye shadow – Fusion, Drift, Rich, Magic
Lip Liner – Pink nude
Lip Color – Neutrale
You can check out Ami’s Facebook page here and her Tumblr here.
Photos from my graduation coming soon 🙂

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