Just finally getting over my cold that kept me in bed for almost 2 days.  Even so, I managed to go to a music video shoot for Pink Martini and Saori Yuki’s new song, “Is that all there is?” (we filmed this from 10pm to 2am in the cold drizzle, mind you). Despite the weather, I enjoyed the crew and the fact that I got to ride a pretty sick motorcycle in heels and a dress 🙂
The rainy LA weather can be a bit gloomy and bothersome sometimes, but it is nice for a change.
Some photos I found on Google that I like:
Enjoying some beautiful, classical piano music on a rainy Monday… <3

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oh that's so cool! i LOVE pink martini! are you actually going to be in the video??



I'm a small extra in it but I haven't seen the video yet. So we'll see 🙂


i love when it rain 🙂

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