Okami Kult Spring/Summer 2016

I love supporting my friends. Apart from my family, they are the ones who support me with my pursuits, so it only makes sense to do what I can for them. This is my second time modeling for Okami Kult, a Tokyo-based street wear brand by my friend Viktor, who is also a fantastic photographer … Continue Reading

三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE “Feel So Alive” music video

I’m so excited to announce one of my most recent works as a model. Jpop’s hottest group, J Soul Brothers 3rd Generation from EXILE TRIBE’s newest single and music video, “Feel So Alive” is now up on Youtube, and I was fortunate enough to be casted as one of the models in the video. Keeping … Continue Reading


My first commercial is now broadcasted all over Japan. I never thought my loud voice would come in handy like this, but it did this time. Featuring Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama. 初めてのCMのお仕事は、イーオンモール ザ・バーゲンでした!叫び声がこういう場面で役に立つとは思わなかったです。是非見て下さい♪  

三代目 J Soul Brothers “J.S.B.Dream” music video

You’re probably wondering why I’m posting a random music video out of the blue. Well, it’s not that random. I’m actually in it if you look really closely! It was a pleasure working on set for this awesome music video. Even though I only got to meet one of the singers (Hiroomi), he was absolutely … Continue Reading

BFGU Fashion Week 2015 Tokyo

I’m posting this a few weeks late, mainly because I couldn’t find any good photos of the fashion show at Bunka Fashion College. But thank goodness for Tokyo fashion blogger Misha Janette of Tokyo Fashion Diaries, who did two separate blog posts of the show. I was actually very fortunate to model the outfits of … Continue Reading

DIARY | In between

I’m always amazed at how other bloggers can maintain their blogs beautifully, keeping readers updated and posting new content consistently. Even after 3 years of blogging, I still find it hard to maintain a consistent flow on my blog – sometimes I’ll have enough material, sometimes I won’t. Or other times I have to prioritize … Continue Reading

Asia Collection VN Fashionista

  Finally some pictures from Asia Collection in Ho Chi Minh! A few behind-the-scenes photos plus photos from the actual show that were taken with several diffrerent iPhones (sorry for the bad picture quality!) It was a huge honor to be a part of this fashion show – it was my first big show in … Continue Reading

Mayer Hawthorne

I was fortunate enough to be an extra in Mayer Hawthorne‘s single “No Strings” this weekend. It took place in Malibu, and one of the locations was a private beach – my first time ever! It was a beautiful day, perfect for a beach shoot. And all I had to do was play with a … Continue Reading

Robertson Blvd.

Today, I had the pleasure of working with Japanese model Melody Yoko. She is visiting LA to shoot a TV show episode that airs in Japan to promote a boutique called Beckley. Apparently, she produced a watch that is supposed to be sold there. (from left to right: Alissa, Mizuki, Melody, and me) She’s one … Continue Reading