OUTFIT | Fall basics

Some of my fall basics featuring these must-have Bershka jeans. Just the right amount of slashed detail that they’re still classy, and oh so comfortable. 今期のベーシックを1コーデに揃えました。このBershkaのストレッチデニムはスラッシュディテールにも関わらず、クラシックな感じに着こなせます。 top: Topshop, jeans: Bershka, coat: Uniqlo, shoes: Vans, tote: Zara, sunglasses: Free People, watch: Fossil All photos by Paint with Stars Photography

OUTFIT | After the cherry blossoms in casual layers

Cherry blossom season has come to an end, as with the warmer weather we were all expecting for spring. Since I had already taken most of my winter overcoats and sweaters out to the dry cleaners, the chilly weather has got me layering up again – coat over jacket, topped with hat and scarf. And … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Cherry blossom viewing in trench coats & denim

The long-awaited cherry blossom season has finally arrived, and it’s looking a lot more like spring in Tokyo. Lisa from Paint with Stars and I have been shooting during cherry blossom season (check out our post from last year), and this year turned out to be even better weather-wise. Ueno park was lively with tourists and … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Falling leaves in Shinjuku Gyoen with Jason Mordeno Photography

Do any of you miss the fall foliage that just recently ended? I do, mainly because I hear it has already snowed in Tokyo, and also, you can’t really experience the change of seasons in Southern California (palm trees and greenery all year round). I did another photo shoot with Canadian photographer Jason Mordeno, who … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Navy and pastel blue

It’s not too often I pull out my heels to play a little bit of dress up. Although this outfit is on the casual side with the simple trench coat and dress, I think the heels made a difference. I found these pastel blue heels at Zara and they are actually pretty comfortable! I went … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | skyed apparel x Letters Impromptu

  Please allow me to introduce Skyed Apparel – a quality hat brand based in Los Angeles, California. The name “skyed” represents the freedom and optimism for future possibilities, that “the sky is the limit.” I was immediately drawn to the unique designs and materials of their hats, especially this black corduroy “midnight” hat. The logo … Continue Reading