Thanksgiving in Kawagoe

And this is how I spent my Thanksgiving weekend. Koedo (“Little Edo”) Kawagoe on Saturday afternoon, with a good friend to keep me company and take some great photos for me. We feasted on Unagi (eel), had lots of delicious dessert food as we walked around the streets of Koedo, then trekked over to Kawagoe … Continue Reading

IKEA time

I’ve been to Ikea many times when I lived in California, but this was my first time going to an Ikea in Japan. My friend is moving into his new apartment soon, so I helped him pick out some furniture. Most of the furniture and the layout of the store are similar, but there were … Continue Reading

Hello Japan

These are a few photos from my first few days in Japan. A bit overcast and some rain, but it’s beautiful. I can’t get enough of the food here! Panda cream puffs and bear-shaped donuts – gotta love it. I’ve also been doing some shopping and I love how clothes are so cheap here. I’ll … Continue Reading