City Kid Feels The Beat – “End of Summer” music video

City Kid Feels The Beat’s “End of Summer” music video is finally out! CKFTB is a rock band based in Germany, with their pop-punk vibe and vocalist Sven’s characteristic vocal style reaching audiences internationally. Their cover of Lady Gaga’s “Applause” received over 10,000 views in less than a week! We filmed this a year ago in … Continue Reading

三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE “Feel So Alive” music video

I’m so excited to announce one of my most recent works as a model. Jpop’s hottest group, J Soul Brothers 3rd Generation from EXILE TRIBE’s newest single and music video, “Feel So Alive” is now up on Youtube, and I was fortunate enough to be casted as one of the models in the video. Keeping … Continue Reading

三代目 J Soul Brothers “J.S.B.Dream” music video

You’re probably wondering why I’m posting a random music video out of the blue. Well, it’s not that random. I’m actually in it if you look really closely! It was a pleasure working on set for this awesome music video. Even though I only got to meet one of the singers (Hiroomi), he was absolutely … Continue Reading

Take it to the head

Good morning everyone! I would really appreciate it if you take the time to check out my friend AYE SONG’s new music video!! DJ Khaled – Take it to the Head (explicit AYESONG cover)  feat. MOTIV & JOSELYN ARCIAGA I was fortunate enough to take part in this video shoot as a model. I’ve been … Continue Reading

No Strings

Mayer Hawthorne’s video “No Strings” is finally up on Youtube! You should check it out because 1) it’s a great song, 2) Mayer is awesome and 3) I’m one of the extras in the video 🙂 (I’m playing with the yellow beach ball in the beginning). So click “play” and enjoy! with Mayer at the … Continue Reading

Mayer Hawthorne

I was fortunate enough to be an extra in Mayer Hawthorne‘s single “No Strings” this weekend. It took place in Malibu, and one of the locations was a private beach – my first time ever! It was a beautiful day, perfect for a beach shoot. And all I had to do was play with a … Continue Reading